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The Program for Better Vision includes:


  1. Fusion String Technique: Develops Binocularity and Convergence, teaching your eyes to work together and to see equally.
  2. Mind’s Eye Visualization: Increases your ability to visualize, encouraging the mind’s role in restoring vision. Train your Mind’s Eye to stimulate your subconscious and activate your brain/eye connection.
  3. Self-Massage Techniques: Relieves tension of the upper body, particularly your shoulders, head, neck and eyes.
  4. Spectrum Visualization: Releases deep tension in your entire visual system. Become aware of the Occipatol Lobes and other sources of full vision. Experience deep visual and mental relaxation.
  5. Vision Chart Techniques: Increases focusing power and sharpens Peripheral Awareness and Mental Concentration.
  6. Memory Visualization: Release any limiting images, memories and attitudes that may block clear vision. Free yourself from negative visual patterns. Open up your awareness to look more openly and clearly at all life situations.

PROGRAM FOR BETTER VISION Book, including a daily schedule

The Program leads you step-by-step to better vision, explaining how and why each exercise works. You’ll proceed with confidence as you follow the schedule. Filled with photographs, illustrations and diagrams, the book also includes information about:

  • The Triangle of Better Vision
  • 10 Steps to Better Vision
  • How the eyes work
  • How to gauge your improvement
  •  The role of the mind, body and emotions in gaining sharper sight
  • Using glasses/contacts while on The Program
  • Tips to reduce eye stress and strain, and much more!


Consisting of 10 evenly-spaced beads, the Fusion String develops Binocularity (the mind and the eyes working together) and Convergence (both eyes looking at the same point at the same time).


  • Two special charts, for both nearsighted and farsighted users, with special notes for astigmatism.
  • Three more Advanced charts in the Book.

“The PROGRAM FOR BETTER VISION not only can help improve one’s eye sight, but by helping you understand the connection between how you perceive the world and your visual condition it will make significant changes in your life for the better.”*

Dr. Marc Grossman O.D. L.Ac.
Author of Magic Eye: Beyond 3D, Greater Vision,
and Natural Eye Care: An Encyclopedia

*The testimonials on our website reflect the wide range of real life improvements experienced by some of our customers. Not all of their results are typical. Vision improvement is very personal and you may experience different results.